How to Change Blades on a Harbor Freight Miter Saw

Kelly Nuttall

Harbor Freight sells Chicago Electric miter saws and other power tools. These saws are designed so that their owners can easily change the blades in just a few minutes.

Because you are handling a saw blade directly, which is the primary business area of the saw, follow safety protocols to the letter to avoid personal injury. Then in a few simple steps, you will be cutting with a nice, new blade.


Whether the blade is dull or sharp, it can still cut you. Wear leather work gloves while handling any and all saw blades.

  1. Unplug the saw and depress the locking pin with the blade in the raised position to prevent the blade from rotating.

  2. Remove the center cover fixing bolt with the wrench that came with the miter saw, followed by the safety screw using a screwdriver.

  3. Lift the blade guard and center cover up and out of the way. Depress the arbor lock button. Loosen the arbor bolt with the supplied wrench. Remove the arbor bolt, outer flange, and dull saw blade.

  4. Slide a new, sharp blade onto the arbor, followed by the outer flange. Twist the arbor bolt into the arbor hole until it is hand tight, then tighten it completely with the supplied wrench.

  5. Allow the blade guard and center cover to fall back into place. Tighten the fixing bolt. Release the locking pin.