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What Are the Uses of a Crosscut Saw?

The crosscut saw cuts through a tree across the grain of the wood. The crosscut saw is more convenient to use than the chainsaw because there is no need for gasoline. After extended use the saw becomes dull and must be sharpened or replaced. There is a tool that can be purchased at most hardware stores to sharpen the blade. Sharpening the blade will also increase safety because if you are having to force the blade to cut you may slip and cut yourself.


The two types of crosscut saw are the felling saw and the bucking saw. The felling saw is usually used to cut down trees and the bucking saw is used to cut trees that are already down.


Crosscut saws were used during the Roman Empire and widespread usage of it occurred in Europe during the 15th century.


The crosscut saw is not as heavy as a chainsaw. They are also safer for the environment than chainsaws.


When using a crosscut saw there are some risks of being cut, but the blade does not keep moving when dropped like it does with the chainsaw.


Even though it is safer than the chainsaw you should still be cautious when using this saw. Be sure to draw a line on the wood you are cutting and carefully stay on that line.