How to Use and Maintain a Hacksaw

A hacksaw is used for metal that is a heavier weight than bolt cutters or snips can handle. It's made up of a C-shaped frame and a disposable blade. Some hacksaws can adjust to fit blades from 8 to 16 inches while others are made for one length of blade only.

A hacksaw is primarily used to cut through metal.

To make accurate cuts, be sure you are using the hacksaw properly.


When cutting an item, you can add a couple drops of lubricating oil to the blade for smoother sawing.

  1. Choose the right blade for the job. This is the hardest part of using a hacksaw. Coarse-toothed blades make for faster work, but finer blades are needed for thinner pieces of metal.

  2. Use a vise to secure the metal you want to cut. Hold the hacksaw so that the right hand's index finger is pointing ahead to help guide the saw. Move your body forward and back as you cut, pressing on the forward stroke and easing off on the return one.

  3. Use long and even, steady strokes with a hacksaw for best results. If the piece that you're cutting is large, stop and raise it up in the frame or turn it a bit

  4. Avoid putting too much pressure on the blade, especially if it's twisted at all. Don't saw too quickly as that can cause the blade to break as well. Always check to make sure that the blade is secured tightly in its frame as this is a real safety hazard.

  5. Wipe your saw clean after each use. Hang it up high for safety reasons between uses.