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How to Adjust a Makita Miter Saw

Patrick Nelson

Makita makes a series of miter saws including miters with laser and, or fluorescent lights. They come in sizes ranging from 7-1/2-inches to 14-inches. The saws can be used for press cutting (cutting small work pieces), slide or push cutting (cutting wide work pieces), miter cutting, bevel cutting, compound cutting, and cutting crown and cove moldings. The cutting angle is adjusted at the factory--but you will need to adjust the miter and bevel angle.

  1. Push on the grip. It's the large knob on the side of the saw. You use it to adjust the miter angle. Push the grip so the cams engage and then turn it clockwise as far as you can.

  2. Press down on the lock lever and turn the base.

  3. Move the grip so the pointer points to the desired angle on the miter scale and then turn the grip anticlockwise to lock it.

  4. Adjust the bevel angle. Loosen the lever at the back of the saw. Turn it anticlockwise. Push the latch lever forward and unlock the arm. It unlocks when you push the handle. Tilt the carriage and press the releasing button. Tilt the saw blade until the pointer points to the angle you want to achieve on the bevel scale. Then tighten the lever clockwise which secures everything.

  5. Adjust the slide lock. Lock the lower slide pole by pulling the lock lever towards yourself. The lock lever is at the end of the arm near the grip. Lock the upper slide pole by turning the locking screw clockwise. The locking screw is at the top of the saw and across from the blade.