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How to Mount Hanging Baskets on Siding

Michelle Hogan

When it comes to hanging items like hanging baskets from the side of your house, you have two options. You can either drill a hole into your siding and into your house, or you can purchase hooks that slide underneath the siding. The hooks will keep your siding from being damaged, but they only hold about 12 lbs., so heavy hanging baskets won't be able to hang from them. Smaller baskets, however, will work, and you won't need a mounting bracket to hang your basket.

Siding Hooks

Watch the weight limit on any hardware you install in your siding so you don't pull the siding off the house.
  1. Purchase J-shaped siding hooks for hanging items like flower pots and flower baskets that are less that 12 lbs.

  2. Choose a location for your hooks. A ladder will be helpful if you want to place them high or over shrubs or planting beds.

  3. Slide the hook into place between two pieces of your vinyl siding, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Position the hook so you can place your basket hanger on it and then hang your basket, adjusting it accordingly.

Drilling a Hole

  1. Use a stud finder to find the studs behind your siding. If you don't drill your hole in the studs, then your bracket will pull the siding off the house.

  2. Drill your hole the appropriate size for the brackets you chose.

  3. Hold the screw hole of the bracket up over the hole you drilled in the siding and use your drill to secure it to the siding with the screw provided. You may find that you need to purchase longer screws than the ones provided with the brackets in order to get past the siding and into the wood. If that's the case, bring the provided screws with you to the hardware store to make sure you purchase screws that are the right width.

  4. Pull down gently on the brackets once they are secured to the siding and wall to make sure they don't pull out.

  5. Read the instructions on the brackets to find out the weight limit of the brackets. Do not place a hanging basket that is too heavy on your bracket or you could pull the siding off of your house.