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How to Put Plant Hangers on Siding

Jonah Morrissey

Plant hangers can add beauty and life to your home. Accent your doorways, windows and other exterior features of your home with potted plants using plant hangers. Because exterior siding is a superficial covering over wood sheathing, you can install plant hangers over the siding anywhere on the exterior with the proper preparation. Even though there is no need to find a stud because you'll be screwing into the wood sheathing, you will need to drill pilot holes for the screw so you do not damage the siding.

  1. Select a location on the siding to locate the plant hanger, for example, one on either side of a doorway. Hold the plant hanger against the siding in the desired location.

  2. Press the point of an awl into the center of each mounting hole on the hanger and into the siding material to mark it.

  3. Insert a pilot bit that is slightly smaller than the included screw shank diameter into a drill. Drill a hole approximately the length of the screws into each awl-marked spot on the siding.

  4. Align the mounting holes in the hanger with the pilot holes and drive the included screws through the mounting holes into the siding to fasten the hanger securely to the exterior of your home.