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How to Repair Mobile Home Siding

How to Repair Mobile Home Siding. Mobile homes have repair needs of their own. Siding must be repaired after storms and high winds, as with any home. Take care of siding repairs as they happen to keep your mobile home looking good.

  1. Inspect your mobile home's siding after a storm or high winds. Take note of any siding damage or missing siding. Add 3 inches on each side of the damaged area.

  2. Visit a mobile home supply retailer with your measurements. If a piece of siding has come off, take the sample with you in order to match materials. You can also buy replacement siding online if there are no retailers in your area.

  3. Match the siding by material, style, weight, grain and color. You also want to match the way the siding attaches to your mobile home and other siding pieces to create a seamless look.

  4. Cut and square the damaged area to remove problem siding. As you deconstruct the damaged area, take note of how the siding is attached. Add the new section of siding, starting 3 inches to the left of the damaged area.

  5. Fasten nails through the long nail-hem holes, but leave a tiny space between the head of the nail and the siding itself. Weather causes the siding to expand at times, and you must leave room for movement. Be sure to attach the siding in the same way as the original product.

  6. Make sure all of the replacement siding is fastened securely, not only at the nail hem, but anywhere that appears to present a possible, future wind damage repair.


Insurance policies on mobile homes should cover siding damages due to weather. Contact the vendor if your mobile home is still under warranty.