How to Attach a Flag Bracket to Vinyl Siding

Kristie Lorette

Flags are a great addition to the outside of a home. However, when vinyl siding covers the exterior of the house, it can be tricky attaching a flag bracket without possibly damaging the siding or creating other problems with the installation. That does not mean, though, that it is impossible.

By utilizing a special mounting block and predrilling your holes, you can have a decorative or patriotic flag waving from your home in no time.


If you can't find a vinyl mounting block that matches the siding, look for one in a color similar to the flag bracket to avoid too much contrast.

  1. Find a vinyl surface mounting block at a hardware supply store. The mounting block will have a vinyl siding-shaped groove cut into the back of it to make it fit the siding snugly. If possible, use one that matches the color of your home's vinvyl siding.

  2. Use the electric drill to predrill screw holes into the mounting block. The type of flag pole bracket dictates the number of holes that need to be drilled. Mark the siding where you want to attach it.

  3. Drill holes into the vinyl siding in the premarked locations. Make these drill holes slightly larger in diameter than the screws that you will use. This allows the vinyl siding to move with the temperature-induced expansion and contraction that generally happens to siding throughout the year. It also keeps it from buckling.

  4. Match the holes on the flag bracket and the mounting block to the predrilled holes. Attach the bracket and block with the screws. Make sure that the screws are long enough to attach both pieces to the siding, but won't risk damaging any wires behind the exterior wall.

  5. Insert the flag pole into the bracket.