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How to Hang Broom & Mop Organizers

Alexis Vega-Singer

There are many benefits of a mop and broom organizer: your mop can dry full without getting moldy on the floor; your broom bristles will not get bent from the weight of the broom; and you'll no longer hear random crashes and clatters as your mop and broom slide down to the floor from their precarious resting places against the wall. A hanging organizer is inexpensive to buy and easy to hang.

  1. Check the instructions or the information on the box the organizer came in to see whether the hardware is included or you need to supply your own screws. Usually, a mop and broom organizer hangs from two long screws.

  2. Decide where the organizer will go. A mud room or laundry room off your kitchen is the ideal place; the mop and broom will be easily accessible without cluttering up your kitchen.

  3. Use your stud finder to locate the studs in the wall where you want to hang the organizer. Mark their locations with a pencil. If you cannot find studs, you will need hollow-wall anchors so that the weight of the organizer does not pull the screws out of the drywall.

  4. Hold the mop and broom organizer up to the wall. Align the holes in the organizer with the studs in the wall, and mark them with a pencil. Make sure you have chosen the right height for your organizer. If the broom and mop will hang from hooks, position the organizer at least five feet from the floor (hang your mop from the organizer and hold it up high enough that the mop head clears the floor). If the mop and broom hang from clamps, you have more flexibility in determining the best height.

  5. Use the level to finalize the spots to drill. Hold the level against the wall to make sure your pencil marks are aligned.

  6. Drill your screws part of the way into the wall at the marked spots. Remove the screws. If you are using anchors, insert them now.

  7. Hold the organizer in position and place the screws through the holes in the organizer. Drill them all the way into the wall to secure the organizer flush with the wall. Hang your broom and mop.