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How to Hang Chalkboards

C.D. Crowder

Chalkboards make a great addition not only to classrooms, but homes as well. A chalkboard can be used as a learning tool, message board or drawing board. The size of your chalkboard depends solely on your needs. You can find all sizes and weights. Hanging a chalkboard becomes more difficult as the size increases. With larger boards, you may want to recruit assistants to help lift and hang.

Hang Chalkboards
  1. Determine where you wish to hang the chalkboard. Remove all obstacles, especially if a ladder or step stool is needed to reach the desired spot on the wall.

  2. Use a stud finder to find studs in the wall. Screws will need to go into studs for the most stable hanging. This step may be skipped if the chalkboard is light enough to be hung with hanging tape.

  3. Lift the chalkboard into place. Use a level to line up the board. Use a pencil to mark where the chalkboard should hang. If hanging with screws, mark the chalkboard where screws should be.

  4. Pre-drill screw holes in the chalkboard. If you are using hanging tape, place tape on the back of the chalkboard. Do not remove the tape backing until the chalkboard is completely ready to hang.

  5. Lift the chalkboard back into place. Press it firmly against wall if you are using tape. Use the pre-drilled holes to line up the screws and screw it into the wall.

  6. Tip

    Ask friends or family for help if you are hanging a large chalkboard. Use anchors for screws if no studs are available.


    Screw the top of the chalkboard into place first. Screws should be flush with the wood. Do not try to screw farther or the chalkboard frame may crack.