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How to Attach a Metal Sign to Brick

Sarah Kleven

Hanging a sign on a brick wall can spruce up an interior wall or the space above a fireplace mantel or direct customers to a business. Hanging a sign on a brick wall is not much different than hanging a heavy item on drywall or a plaster wall. With the right tools, a sign can be hung in no time.

A few tools are needed to hang a sign on a brick wall.
  1. Measure the sign and determine how far apart the screws need to be to adhere the sign to the wall. Mark pencil points on the wall at the desired distance apart as determined by the sign's measurement. Hold a level at the points to ensure the sign will hang straight.

  2. Pre-drill holes according to where you want your sign fastened to the wall.
  3. Insert a masonry bit in the drill. Drill a hole on the pencil marks on the brick wall. Insert a lead masonry anchor into each drilled hole.

  4. Pre-drill holes in the metal sign to line up with the holes drilled in the wall if they don't already exist. Line up the holes in the sign with the holes in the wall. Fasten the sign to the wall using screws.