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How to Hang Speakers in the Corner of a Room

Elizabeth Arnold

Installing a surround-sound system in a room enhances the experience of watching television or listening to the stereo. To conserve floor or shelf space in a small room, hang the system's speakers in the corner of a wall or from the ceiling using brackets. The brackets attach to the base, back or top of the speakers, and typically feature swivel arms that allow you to adjust the position of the speakers. A large number of bracket designs are available to complement any type of room decor.

Hang speakers to enhance your television-viewing experience.

Step 1

Determine in which corner of the room you'll hang the speaker. Place a stud finder on the surface, which can be either a wall or ceiling depending on the hanger specifications, and move it from the left to the right to locate the closest stud or joist. Place small marks to indicate this location.

Step 2

Attach the correct type of hanging bracket to the speaker. Hold the bracket base flush against the wall or ceiling. Slide the bracket to the mark that represents a stud or joist, and check to ensure that the speaker and bracket do not make contact with any opposing surfaces or objects.

Step 3

Move the bracket up or down along the stud until you're satisfied with the placement. Mark the wall or ceiling using the pre-drilled slots at the base of the bracket for screw placement. Use the stud finder to double-check that a stud or joist is located behind the marks before drilling.

Step 4

Attach a 1/8-inch drill bit to the drill. Drill pilot holes straight into the wall or ceiling at the location where you made the marks. Attach a Phillips driving bit into the screw gun. Detach the hanging bracket from the speaker for easier installation.

Step 5

Place the bracket on the wall or ceiling and align the pre-drilled holes with the corresponding marks. Slip the 2-inch screw fasteners' tapered tips through the bracket base and into the pilot holes. Thread the screw fasteners into the stud or joist material using the screw gun.

Step 6

Grasp the bracket with your hand and pull it downward to make sure that it will hold when the speaker is attached. Attach the speaker to the bracket.