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How To Remove Toggle Bolts From a Wall

John Smith

A toggle bolt is designed to hang objects on a wall. A toggle bolt consists of a threaded bolt and wings that expand. Once a toggle bolt is inserted into a hole, the wings spring open and become flush on the backside of the wall.

When the wings have expanded, the only way to remove the entire toggle bolt is to make it fall on the opposite side of the wall or try one or two other techniques.

  1. Unscrew the bolt until the toggle (or wing part) of the bolt falls down the opposite side of the wall.

  2. Pull out the screw.

  3. If bolt won't unscrew, remove its head with cutting pliers. The bolt will now fall out the backside of the wall.

  4. If head of bolt can't be removed, insert a screwdriver into its head. Tap entire bolt through the wall with a hammer.

  5. Repair the wall with spackle, or cover the hole.

  6. Tip

    You can also push the bolt into the wall to the point it can be covered with spackle - as opposed to pushing it entirely through the wall.