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How to Fix an Uneven Plaster Wall

Owen E. Richason IV

If you have a plaster wall that is uneven or is bulging because of water damage or heat exposure, you can make the plaster wall even again. You won't have to mix mortar or learn how to apply plaster mud to the wall, you'll only need some hand and power tools along with a sheet of drywall. In just hours, your even plaster wall will be restored, looking like new.

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  1. Clear everything away from the uneven plaster wall and put a drop cloth on the floor. Put on goggles.

  2. Strike a chisel against the uneven plaster wall with a hammer until it penetrates the wall.

  3. Insert the blade of a reciprocating saw into the chiseled hole and cut out a square, a few inches larger than the uneven portion of the plaster wall.

  4. Measure the square cut with a tape measure. Measure, mark and score a drywall sheet with a utility knife to create a patch the same size as the cut out square.

  5. Insert the drywall patch into the square cut and fasten to the exposed wall studs with a screw gun and drywall screws.

  6. Tape around the seams with drywall tape, then use a putty knife to spread joint compound over the entire patch. Allow the joint compound to dry for at least three hours, then sand smooth with sandpaper.

  7. Apply a coat of primer to the patch, let dry, then paint over it with a matching paint using a paint roller to completely conceal the patch.