How to Change a Battery in Hunter Douglas Blinds

Carlye Jones

Battery powered Hunter Douglas blinds are a great addition to any home or office with easy remote control operation. They work great, until it's time to change the battery.

Keep your automatic Hunter Douglas blinds operating by learning how to change the battery.

Replacing the battery is not much different from changing the battery in any other electronic device, however the blinds need to be reset in order to operate again.


Keep extra batteries in the freezer so that they don't lose energy while being stored. Use batteries designed for electronic devices for longer use.


Don't mix old and new batteries. Replace all the batteries at once.

  1. Open the wall battery panel and the battery compartment cover on the remote control. Depending on the remote control type, you may need a small screwdriver to remove the battery compartment cover.

  2. Remove the batteries from the wall panel and the remote control.

  3. Replace the batteries with new batteries, making sure to use the same type of battery. Use the diagram on the inside of the battery compartments to determine which direction the batteries should be installed.

  4. Close the battery compartments on the wall unit and on the remote. If needed, replace the screw and tighten.

  5. Pull the bottom rail of the blinds all the way down, so that the blind is fully extended. Point the remote control at the sensor and push the "down" button for 8 seconds.

  6. Lift the shades so that the slats are all gathered at the top. Point the remote control at the sensor and press the "up" button for a 5 seconds.