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How to Remove Wall Console for a Liftmaster

Kenneth Crawford

LiftMaster manufacturers a wide range of garage door and gate openers. Most residential LiftMaster openers come with either a single push button or a wall console to operate the opener from inside the garage. The wall console usually mounts on the wall near the entryway to the garage from the home.

Moisture sometimes gets behind the wall console and causes the terminals to rust, resulting in a bad connection at the wires. Removing a wall console for a LiftMaster to replace it with a new one is a straightforward process.

  1. Position a step ladder under the LiftMaster garage door opener so that you can reach the power cord. Unplug the power cord from the ceiling outlet.

  2. Remove the screw securing the top of the wall console to the wall. Turn the bottom screw counterclockwise two complete turns to loosen it from the wall.

  3. Slide the wall console up to remove it from the bottom screws. Turn the wall console over so you can access the wires on the back of the unit.

  4. Loosen the screws securing the wires to the back of the wall console. Pull the wires off the terminals.


Installing a replacement is the reverse of removal. If reinstalling in drywall, you may need to pull out the old plastic anchor for the upper screw and install a slightly larger one in its place. Use an appropriate-size screw to secure into the anchor.