How do I Troubleshoot a Genie IS550/A Garage Opener?

James Cooper

The Genie IS550 garage door opener is a reliable heavy-duty system that operates with fewer parts than most other garage door openers. This increases the reliability of the unit. However, there are times when the opener malfunctions and could need repair.

Troubleshoot your garage door opener.

Some problems that could occur are the door closing, only to rise again; the wall switch or remote not operating the door; or the door opening and closing on its own. Before you contact a certified Genie repairman, you should attempt to troubleshoot the problem.

Troubleshoot the Garage Door Integrity and Alignment

  1. Make sure the garage door, cables and door springs are in good working condition.

  2. Look at the door to make sure it is balanced and sitting evenly.

  3. Ensure that nothing is blocking the photocell beams at the bottom of each side of the garage door, and that they have not been damaged or bent out of position.

Check the Power to the System.

  1. Inspect the wall console to make sure it is receiving power. Plug a lamp into the outlet to make sure the power source for the wall control is operating. If the power to the control is off, check the circuit breaker to make sure the circuit breaker is in the “on” position.

  2. Unplug the wall console and plug it back in to try to reset it.

  3. Ensure that the wall console buttons are not locked or stuck in the “on” position.

  4. Touch a screwdriver to both of the screws on the photocell to try to reset the photocell so the door will operate.

  5. Warning

    Make sure no one is near the garage door when you are troubleshooting the opener to prevent injuries.