How to Troubleshoot Blue Max Garage Door Opener

Kenneth Crawford

The Genie Blue Max garage door opener is a very reliable addition to your garage. There are times, however, when things do not work exactly as they should. Before calling a repairman, learn how to troubleshoot a Blue Max garage door opener. Most garage door opener problems will be simple repairs.

The garage door opener uses a low-voltage wiring system for the push button and safety systems. There are also minor adjustments that can be made by the do-it-yourself homeowner once the system has had some troubleshooting performed.

Wall Control Console and Remote Control Issues

  1. Check to make sure that there are no broken wires in the wall-control wiring if the opener does not work from the wall control. An opener that will run except by the push button most likely has a wire that is grounded. Look for frays, disconnected wires between the control panel and the motor. Also, inspect where the wire is stapled to the wall and ceiling.

  2. Change the battery in your remote if the opener runs but will not operate with the remote. Use a small screwdriver to unscrew the access panel from the back of the remote. Change the battery, and try it again.

  3. Reprogram the remote-control code and the receiver if the battery was not the problem. Set a step ladder underneath the garage door opener head so you can get access to the back. Locate the “learn code button” beside the adjustment screws. Press the button in, then press the remote button as you point it to the power head. This will reset the program.

Door Starts Down, Then Stops

  1. Disconnect the door from the garage door carriage assembly by pulling on the emergency-release rope. Open and close the garage door manually to check for any binding. Adjust the track where it is necessary.

  2. Check the close force adjustment. With a screwdriver, adjust the down force adjustment in small increments, and test the door operation.

  3. Inspect the contact reverse mechanism on the garage door opener. At the back of the motor, adjust the contact reverse screw with a screwdriver by turning it counterclockwise in small increments. Check the operation of the door.

Door Will Not Open

  1. Inspect the carriage and the slide. If it is not engaged, the motor will run but not pick up the door. Run the motor to the fully open position. Raise the door by hand until the carriage connects into the slide on the opener rail.

  2. Inspect the chain or belt drive on the motor. If it has broken or become loose, it will have to be replaced.

  3. Inspect for binding on the door. Disconnect the garage door from the opener. Raise it manually, and make sure that it is not binding. Adjust the track where necessary.