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How do I Troubleshoot Zephyr Range Hoods?

Amy Kingston

Zephyr manufactures range hoods that have a one-year warranty that covers the cost of all parts and labor. All parts are warrantied for two years, but the cost of labor is the responsibility of the owner during the second year of ownership. Warranty service is limited in Canada and Alaska. If your Zephyr range hood fails to perform properly, troubleshoot it to solve common problems.

Does Not Work

  1. Push the circuit breaker to the "On" position to supply power to the range hood. Turn the range hood on.

  2. Inspect the wiring on the switch board or control board. Reconnect any disconnected or loose wires.

  3. Call a service technician to inspect the switch board and control board. Replace, if needed.

Light Works; Motor Does Not

  1. Allow the motor to cool down. If the motor has overheated, the thermally protected system has shut down the motor to prevent damage. The motor will not start until it has cooled.

  2. Plug the motor wire into the molex connector.

  3. Have a service technician inspect the motor and capacitor and replace them, if needed.


  1. Tighten the screws securing the motor with a screwdriver if it is not secure.

  2. Check the installation of the range hood. Tighten all screws.

  3. Call a technician to inspect the blower wheel and replace it, if necessary.

Lights Do Not Work

  1. Turn loose bulbs clockwise to tighten.

  2. Remove blown light bulbs by turning counter-clockwise to remove the bulb. Insert a new R16 40W incandescent light bulb or a PAR20 50W halogen light bulb. Turn the bulb clockwise to tighten it.

  3. Reconnect the wires on the control board.

Not Properly Venting

  1. Close windows and doors near the range hood. The outside wind flow affects ventilation.

  2. Remove blockage in the duct work or duct opening. Adjust the direction of the duct opening if it is against the wind.

  3. Adjust the range hood so that it is between 24 and 32 inches from the cooktop. Reinstall the hood at the correct height.