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How to Clean Bamboo Blinds

How to Clean Bamboo Blinds. Bamboo blinds are gaining immense popularity nowadays because they are considered an environmentally friendly material. They are durable and add an instant charm to any ordinary room with their unique natural looks, texture and earthy tones.

Bamboo blinds are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Here's how to clean bamboo blinds.

  1. Fill up a bathtub with hot water and mix in a little oil soap, such as Murphy Oil Soap. Any good quality oil soap will help you get rid of dirt, cobwebs, most stains and eliminate bad odor from the bamboo blinds.

  2. Immerse the blind in the tub in a bundled form and shuffle the blind a few times to ensure that the soapy water reaches everywhere. Clean one blind at a time.

  3. Let the blind sit in the tub for a couple of minutes. Then take the blind out of the tub and set it aside.

  4. Drain the bathtub and rinse it so that the dirt and grime is washed away.

  5. Repeat the process if the blind still appears dirty. If not, fill up the tub with hot water and rinse the blind repeatedly to remove the soap. Use the shower spray to accelerate this process.

  6. Do this for all the bamboo blinds in your house.

  7. Take the blinds to a sunny place, such as a terrace, garden or backyard. Hang them up to air dry for at least for 20 minutes.

  8. Ensure that the blinds are completely dry before hanging them back on your windows.

  9. Tip

    If you are short of time, dust the bamboo blinds with a clean cloth to quickly get rid of dirt and debris deposited on the blinds. You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Maintain a habit to routinely clean your bamboo blinds with a feather duster or soft brush to avoid dirt buildup.


    Use only soft-bristled brush and clean smooth washcloths to clean the blinds to avoid damaging the delicate natural fibers of the bamboo blinds. If your bamboo blinds become wet due to rain, ensure that you let them dry completely.