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The Advantages of Vinyl & Fabric Vertical Blinds

Denise L'Hommedieu

There are many choices for window treatments but vertical blinds remain popular as simple, economical solutions for a variety of windows, particularly sliding patio doors.


The Advantages of Vinyl & Fabric Vertical Blinds

Both vinyl and fabric vertical blinds are durable, easy to install and economical. Should vanes break, they can easily replaced. Tilt wands and pull chains make vertical blinds versatile for controlling light and privacy.


Vinyl vertical blinds have evolved over time. Made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), they are available in a broad spectrum of colors, textures and pattern. They can be quickly cleaned with a damp sponge and are one of the most opaque products available.


Vertical Vanes

Fabric vertical blinds provide a more stylish look. Since vanes are lightweight, they are often held down with weights or chains.


To enjoy the opacity of vinyl and the style of fabric, products are available that combine the best of both. Vinyl vanes are grooved and lined with fabric insets.


Vinyl and fabric vertical blinds are available in a wide price range, from very inexpensive budget models to high-end treatments that are comparable to the cost of custom drapery.


For standard-sized windows and patio doors, ready-made vertical blinds are available in home improvement stores and online. For custom sizes or better fit, a window designer can assist in having blinds custom-made.