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Cheap Window Glass Alternatives

Charong Chow

In 5000 B.C., the first man-made glass was accidentally made when Phoenician sailors on a beach near Belus in Asia Minor set their cooking pots on blocks of soda on the sand. The high heat of the sand and soda turned into glass. Flat glass for windows was still a faroff rarity until the late 1800s due to the expense. Not until the 20th century did window glass become cheap and commonplace. Today, consumers have a few cheaper alternatives to window glass.


Not until the 20th century did window glass become cheap and commonplace.

Eze-Breeze are sliding aluminum panels with vinyl glazed mesh screens. Ideal for a screened porch, the vinyl glazing is truly clear and looks just like glass without the added costs. The glazing gently flexes when touched, and birds and insects can't damage it. It can be cleaned with a mild dish washing liquid and rinsed clean, and vinyl cleaner is available from the manufacturer. It can also sustain winds up to 65 miles per hour.

Plastic Double Glazing

Plastic glazing products can save time and money for windows that need to be double glazed for winter. Complete kits are available to install PVC sliding plastic glass panels that are easily lifted out for the summer or for cleaning. A magnetic clear plastic sheet can also be a cost-saving glass window alternative. Other budget solutions include flexible polyester sheeting that tapes on like Velcro and plastic glazing that can be screwed onto your window frame.

Plastic Windows

Plastic windows are a cheaper alternative to glass windows. Single or multilayered glazing is framed in vinyl, giving a glass window look. Low maintenance and cost effective, plastic windows are not suitable for extreme weather. They can deteriorate over time and high temperatures can cause cracking. These plastic windows can be used for exteriors and interiors.