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How to Tie a Knot in a Sheer

F.R.R. Mallory

Sheers are thin fabric curtains that are made of a single layer of transparent fabric. Sheers are used to diffuse light through the window and to add some privacy.

Sheers can be knotted to keep them from billowing.


Many knots will cause the fabric to hang crooked and look very casual. You can also tie the sheer with a ribbon for a simple and straight tieback.

Because sheers are made of a thin fabric, they are light and if they are positioned in a window that receives a lot of breeze, the sheers will billow away from the window and sometimes catch on items on nearby tables. To control this behavior some people tie the sheers into a knot centered on the window. Making this knot look good should take only a few minutes.

  1. Arrange the sheer curtains on the curtain rod so that the gather along the rod is even and reaches from bracket to bracket.

  2. Measure to find the center of the curtain. If your window is double-hung, then you may be able to locate the latch and use that for your center point.

  3. Gather the sheer fabric together in the center using your left hand, so that the folds are evenly spaced. Where you grip the sheers with your left hand will be the approximate location of the knot. This should be half the height of the curtain.

  4. Hold the sheer firmly with the left hand. The left forearm should be vertical with the elbow pointing at the floor.

  5. Bring the bottom half of the sheer fabric to the right using your right hand. Tuck the fabric behind your left hand where it is gripping the sheers. The bottom half of the sheer fabric is now moving toward the left behind your left hand. A small loop will form where the fabric changes direction (when you bent it and took it to the right at the beginning of this step) just under your left hand.

  6. Wrap the bottom half of the sheer fabric from the back left, to the front and to the right even with your left hand. Guide the bottom (end) of the sheer fabric into the small loop from Step 5. The end of the fabric goes into the loop from the top and comes out the bottom.

  7. Pull on the bottom half of the fabric to tighten the fabric into a simple knot. Adjust the gather and drape of the fabric above the knot and the fabric's drapes below the knot until the knotted sheer hangs centered and straight.