How to Repair a Broken Window on a Park Trailer

The aluminum windows on a typical park trailer are generally mounted directly to the exterior trailer walls. The window rests on a layer of putty tape and is mounted with a series of screws. To remove and replace a broken park trailer window, first remove the screws from the window frame. Pull the old window away from the trailer wall. Scrape away the old putty tape, adhere new putty tape to the window opening, and position a new window in place. Fasten the window in place with the recommended type of screws.

Removing the Broken Window

Replacing a broken window in a park trailer requires some specialized parts.
  1. Back the screws out of the window frame. Select the appropriate drill bit, mount it to your cordless drill and set the drill to reverse. Unscrew all of the fasteners from the window.

  2. Pull the old window out of the window frame.

  3. Scrape away the old putty from around the window frame. Use a paint scraper to remove the old material.

Replacing the Window

  1. Run a strip of putty tape around the window frame. Use a utility knife to cut the putty tape to the proper length.

  2. Place the replacement window in the window frame. Press the window's nailing fin into the putty tape.

  3. Affix the window in place with the recommended screws. Fasten the window tightly over the putty tape to create a solid, weather-proof seal.


  • Always wear gloves and protective eyewear when working with glass windows.

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