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How to Use Glazing Tape

Brenda Priddy

Glazing tape is used to seal windows and make glass installation much easier. There are two main types of glazing tape: a basic adhesive used to hold glass in place and one that expands where it is applied. This kind of glazing tape is used in skyscraper windows and others that require that the glass be held firmly in place. Using glazing tape is easy, and it can be applied quickly.

  1. Measure the window's length, height and thickness so that you may select the proper type of glazing tape.

  2. Choose a tape thick enough to support the weight of the window but not so thick that it shows through the window from the outside. Check with the tape manufacturer to see what kind is recommended for the weight of window that you have. Some kinds of glazing tape are foam based and expand to provide a more secure seal.

  3. Cut strips of glazing tape long enough to span all four sides of the window. Cut the tape ends at an angle to prevent the tape from overlapping at the corners.

  4. Clean the glass and smooth any bumps.

  5. Stick the tape to the edges of the glass. Eliminate any air bubbles by gently pressing them out as you go. Do not allow the tape pieces to overlap. Leave the backing on one side of the tape for now.

  6. Prepare the window for glass installation. Clear away any broken glass and remove the rubber window seal.

  7. Peel the paper off of the back of the glazing tape. Place the glass inside the window casing. Press the glass gently against the window casing. Cover your hand with a soft cloth and rub gently against the edge of the window to ensure the tape has adhered to the window casement.

  8. Replace the rubber sealant around the edge of the window. If the window is able to open, open the window to make sure everything is aligned properly. Lock the window when finished.