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How to Remove Aluminum Windows for Replacement

Victoria Ries

Removing windows is generally an easy task, but the job can prove difficult if they are upstairs windows or if they are located in an inaccessible place. Even if the windows aren't broken, tape them all over with duct tape on both sides to prevent getting accidentally cut by loose glass.

You will probably need to enlist the help of a buddy to help you maneuver the old window out and the new one in.

  1. Remove trim from around the old windows on the outside of the building. Depending on the type of screw head, this can be done easily using a flathead or Philips screwdriver. Place the trim in a pile to replace after the new aluminum framed windows are installed. Use masking tape to form two large crosses both on the front and back of the old window glass in case of breakage during or after removal.

  2. Pry the old aluminum frame window loose with a pry bar, as the previous caulking bead may cause the old window to stick. Gently use the pry bar all around the frame to loosen the old window frame and aid removal. Depending on the size of the window, ask a friend to help you lift and carry the aluminum window frame to safety. Lean the old window frame against the building, and cover it with a tarp to prevent accidents.

  3. Gather the hardware you will need to install the new aluminum framed windows including screws, caulking and an electric screwdriver to make new holes. Tape the new window on both sides with big crosses extending from one corner diagonally to the opposite corner, and the same with the other side.

  4. Run a bead of latex caulk all around the edge of the empty window frame to ensure an airtight seal against the elements. Lift the new aluminum framed window into position. While your buddy holds the window, you will have both hands free to install screws into corresponding pre-drilled holes in the window frame.

  5. Remove masking tape from each side of the newly installed aluminum framed window. Replace the trim you took off earlier and screw into place securely. Test the new window for ease of opening and closing. Remove and recycle the old aluminum framed window.

  6. Tip

    Recycle old aluminum window frames at your nearest recycling center.


    Use caution when working around glass. Always wear gloves when handling all glazing tasks.