How to Repair a Mobile Home Window

Ezmeralda Lee

There are several different types of windows available in a mobile home. Dependant on the type of problems the home owner is experiencing, it is usually much easier and less expensive to repair the window if at all possible.

Replacement windows, especially the slider type windows that are in most mobile homes are very costly to replace. They also will not increase energy efficiency enough to justify the costs in most cases. This article focuses on the repair of vertical and horizontal sliders. Read on to learn how to repair a mobile home window.


Mobile home windows heat up very quickly and discharge a lot of heat into the interior of the mobile home during the summer. It can save the homeowner on energy cooling in the summer to invest in either shading for the windows or insulated drapes that will keep a lot of heat out of the mobile home. The purchase and use of a dehumidifier is extremely helpful in keeping down the amount of moisture and condensation in the mobile home.


Be extremely careful when working with glass as it is very easily breakable. If you are not sure about doing the repair yourself it is wise to consult a mobile home repair person, or mobile home supply for pointers in repairs and replacement of parts.

Getting Started

  1. First visually inspect the window or windows needing repair. Examine the wood framing that is around the existing window, if there is rotten wood present, it needs to be replaced. Also all rough outside areas need to be free from wood rot and moisture issues. Check the caulking around the exterior frame of the window if there are gaps or leaks present, use putty tape and caulking to seal those areas. Mobile home windows are prone to having condensation issues. It is important to keep the moisture levels to as little as possible in the home.

  2. Check to make sure that the window is sliding easily, if it does not then take a small brush to remove debris from the channel and then vacuum out the channel. Spray the channel with a lubricating silicone spray. Then inspect the plastic latches and glider as well, these do break frequently, if broken please replace.

  3. Inspect the pile weather stripping that slides or folds into the aluminum sash during assembly. If worn, you will need to take a piece to a glass distributor or mobile home supply to get a replacement. Once obtained, remove the sash from the glass and replace the weather stripping by folding it from one end of the window all the way around it. Replace the glass into the sash.

  4. To replace broken glass, in most horizontal or vertical slider windows, they have to be completely removed to replace the glass. The best way to do this is to remove the window sash and take the sash to a glass distributor or glazer and get them to cut a pane of glass and install it for you. You can replace the pane yourself if you have any experience with this, but glass is tricky and if not really careful can be broken while trying to install it so better to allow a professional to replace the pane in the sash, then return the unit and replace the exterior clips that hold the window in place on the exterior of the mobile home.