How to Get Vinyl Windows to Slide Easier

Jeffrey Brian Airman

Clean and lubricate your vinyl windows to help them slide easily and more smoothly. Over time window tracks trap dust and debris that can make them difficult to open and close.

Servicing windows at least once a year by examining the weatherstripping and cleanliness of the track will keep them working well into the future. Clean the track along with the glass next time you wipe down your windows and improve your vinyl windows functionality and not just the view.

  1. Examine the weatherstripping on the windows track to see if it is peeling and needs to be reattached or replaced. Weatherstripping that has doubled over will jam a vinyl window and make it difficult to slide.

  2. Run a soft, dry cloth along all the accessible guides on the inside of the window sill and outside of the window. This will remove obstructions like dust, dead bugs, or lawn debris that have accumulated in the track.

  3. Fold the soft cloth to a clean side and spray it with a small amount of WD-40 or another silicone spray lubricant. Don't spray directly into the sill; doing so may leave an oily mess on the glass.

  4. Slide the cloth along the grooves of the sill and the outside of the pane if your vinyl window tips or pulls out.

  5. Close and open the vinyl window completely several times to spread the lubricant evenly in the grooves.


Clean any excess lubricant from the glass or vinyl with an ammonia-based window cleaning spray. Windows that continue to stick after being cleaned and lubricated should be investigated by a vinyl window installation professional.