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How to Lubricate Folding Hurricane Shutters

Will Charpentier

The key to maintaining folding hurricane shutters is lubricating them in the spring and fall.

This means that you have remove wasp or bee nests from the shutters, lubricate the tracks where the slats of the shutters move and, if your shutters have a motor to control them, grease the bearing that carries the weight of the reel that opens and closes the shutters. The whole process will probably require an investment of an hour or less.

  1. Open and close the shutters before you attempt to lubricate them. This will dislodge any bee or wasp nests that may prevent proper lubrication of the tracks.

  2. Spray silicone lubricant onto the felt strip that runs the length of the track where the slats ride. The slats make contact with the inside of the tracks when they slide open and closed. This felt strip should be your point of aim when you spray the lubricant. Do not lubricate your shutters with WD 40. Use silicone spray.

  3. If the shutters are motorized, spray lubricant on the split bracket bearing. This is the bearing that holds the weight of the reel that controls slat movement, usually located on one end of the track. Apply white lithium grease to the bearing, wiping it on the bearing with your fingers.

  4. Tip

    Silicone spray doesn't contain the rust inhibitors of WD-40, but aluminum doesn't need them.


    Be careful when attempting to dislodge bee and wasp nests from your shutters