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How to Reseal a Double-Pane Window

Double-paned windows are unique in that they are composed of two separate glass panels set in a single, shared frame. This assembly holds certain advantages over traditional window types. The panels of a double-paned window are less than an inch apart, trapping non-toxic gases that actually improve insulation.

Silicone caulk is often used to reseal a double-pane window.

As a result, this feature is also effective in filtering street noise. An airtight, waterproof sealant such as silicone caulk will effectively reseal the window and insulate the interior of a structure.

  1. Treat the existing window seal with a commercial caulk remover. Apply the solvent according to the instructions on the label and allow it to dissolve the sealant for the appropriate waiting period.

  2. Cut the old seal with a utility knife and allow it to come loose. Pry the remainder from the window frame, using a putty knife until it is completely removed.

  3. Wipe the seams of the double-paned window frame with a damp cloth to clean off any loose residue or dirt. The target areas must be free of contaminants that could trap air when the new sealant is applied.

  4. Prepare a cartridge of silicone caulk. Cut the tip from the nozzle with scissors and puncture the seal inside, using a stiff wire or nail, then load the cartridge into a caulking gun.

  5. Dispense a bead of the caulk no more than 1/4 inch thick directly into a seam between the window frame and the wall. Draw the tip of the gun along the length of the seam and apply an even seal.

  6. Glide a smooth, flat tool over the caulk for a neater seal, such as a craft stick or plastic spoon. Repeat the same procedure for each side of the window frame and allow the silicone to cure for 24 hours.