How do I Replace a Harvey Window Screen?

Cindy Paterson

Harvey manufactures insulated windows in materials such as wood and vinyl. Whichever the material you choose for your windows, you can also add the option of screens on the outside. These screens are easy to remove and install yourself, so if yours break or tear at any point, you can just get the replacements and have them in in no time. You will not even need any tools or equipment to get the replacement screens in place.

  1. Open the window so you can access all four sides of the screen from the inside. You should be able to see the clips along the vertical sides of the screen, holding it in place.

  2. Slide the two clips on the left vertical side inward to the right. They should point toward the upper, opposite corner of the screen when fully open.

  3. Open the two clips along the right vertical side in the same way. These clips should be pointing up and to the left when opened.

  4. Grasp the tab sticking out of the lower, horizontal edge and push the screen up and out of the window. Hold the tab tightly so you don't lose your grip.

  5. Slide the screen down until you can turn it and bring it back through the window.

  6. Place the new screen with the upper, horizontal edge pressed into the top of the window frame. The bottom of the screen should be out of the window like the old one was when you pushed it through.

  7. Pull the tab toward you until the sides of the screen are flat against the window frame. Do not let go of the tab until the clips are secured in place.

  8. Push each of the clips back into the secure position keeping the screen in place. The clips on the left should be pushed to the left and the right ones to the right.