How to Open a Window Screen

Daniel Hatter

Opening window screens can be difficult depending on their design. Some window screens have very poor designs that make it difficult to figure out how they work, while others are quite simple. If you can’t figure out how to open a window screen, review these simple steps that should work for most screens.

  1. Pull the screen up. Some window screens are designed to just slide up and down a track with no locking mechanism holding them in place. It’s more likely for newer windows to have screens like this than it is for older ones. If this doesn’t work, try Step 2.

  2. Search the window screen for pull tabs. Many window screens are designed to lock into place at certain points on a track. If this is the case, there should be two pull tabs: one on the bottom right side and one on the bottom left. If this doesn’t work, continue to Step 3.

  3. Push the corners and sides of the screen gently. Some window screens are designed to be popped in and out of a track. This design is likely to be encountered when dealing with non-sliding windows.