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How do I Remove the Glass or Screen on a Masonite Half Vented Exterior Door for Cleaning?

Mark Morris

Masonite brand steel doors are manufactured in a variety of styles. The decorative styles have textured glass windows, also known as lights, that do not open, so are without screens. These can be cleaned without removing the glass. The utility style in a true half vent, or half light, have three varieties of screen. Some will pull out with plastic tabs and are removed to the outside of the door; the others will have plastic slides or small metal grips that are spring-loaded and the screen removes to the inside.

Use a squeegee for a streak-free shine.
  1. Examine the screen to determine which type you have. If you see two white or gray rectangular plastic tabs in the bottom corners of the screen, it will be pushed out from the inside toward the outside. If you see white or tan plastic slides in the lower left and right corners of the frame, or small round steel cylinders protruding from the lower right and left corners, your screen will be pulled in from the inside.

  2. Release the sash lock on the top of the lower frame by pushing it to the right so that the latch rotates toward you, releasing the sash. Lift the lower sash all the way to the top. If your glass insert is a thinner, storm window type, you will need to push in on the small white or tan plastic slides at the bottom corners of the sash, to release the window, before lifting.

  3. Locate the plastic tabs if your window is so equipped, and pull up on them firmly to shift the metal screen up to release it from the frame. Push out at the bottom of the frame to remove the screen from the window. Allow it to drop down on the outside of the door or have a helper catch it.

  4. Look at the bottom of the frame for white or tan plastic slides to shove in from the corners to release the screen. For round metal slides, push in and lift in the same way. Raise the screen in the frame until the small tabs on the outside bottom corners of the screen frame are even with the release slots in the slide of the window frame.

  5. Maintain pressure on the slides as you pull in on the bottom of the screen frame, slipping the tabs on the outside bottom corners through the notches in the slide frame of the window. Tilt the bottom of the screen up until the top edge comes even with the release notches and pull in to release the screen fully.

  6. Close the window for access to the both glass panes for washing. Replace the window screen in the frame by reversing the removal process. Remove the lower pane of glass the same as for screens with slides for thorough cleaning.

  7. Clean your door glass with spray glass gleaner and paper towels. A small squeegee can be used for a streak-free shine.