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Removing Shower Door Splines

F.R.R. Mallory

Shower door spline is a U-shaped rubber or plastic channel with ribs on the outside. It is also called vinyl glazing channel. This channel fits down inside the metal frame of a shower door. The spline acts to support the glass or plastic panel of the door as well as provide weatherproofing.

Shower doors use splines to hold the glass in place.

Over time the spline breaks down and should be replaced. It is important to use the right size and shaped spline for your particular door. Remove the old spline before purchasing the new spline.

  1. Remove the shower door from the track. Typically, the door will lift up into the top track enough to clear the bottom track.

  2. Place the door flat on the work table. Mark the four corners of the glass door with a marker so that you can check your fit when you reassemble. Unscrew the screws holding the corners together.

  3. Place a block of wood along the inside of the frame. Tap the wood firmly with a mallet. Move the block from frame to frame to loosen and knock the frame apart. You may need to use a lubricant on your corners and screws if they are rusted.

  4. Slide the door away from the spline. Slide the spline away from the frame. Use your spline to order the correct type of glazing channel for your door.

  5. Tip

    Clean the shower frames thoroughly before installing new spline.