How to Remove Andersen Casement Windows

Paul Massey

Casement windows, one of the most popular types of windows for residential construction, have an operable sash that hinges at the side and is opened by means of a crank handle that extends a geared opener. To repair the glazing or repaint the window's frame, removing the casement window assembly is required.

  1. Unlock the window latch.

  2. Remove the window screen, if applicable.

  3. Crank the operator to open the window to about a 45-degree angle.

  4. Locate the open space in the operator track attached to the base of the sash and slowly crank the operator arm to align the pivot tab on the arm with the space. This allows the operator arm to be removed from the track.

  5. Push the sash out to disengage the operator arm from the sash track.

  6. Crank the operator handle to retract the operator arm away from the sash.

  7. Grasp the outer vertical edge of the open sash at both sides and gently, but firmly. Pull the inside edge of the sash horizontally toward the middle of the opening, until the upper and lower pivot guides slide into alignment with the open space in the upper and lower track channels of the jamb.

  8. Pull the sash horizontally outward to free the sash pivots from the jamb track.

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