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How to Replace a Halogen Bulb R7s

Mary Lougee

Halogen bulbs illuminate better than fluorescent bulbs and burn for a longer time while saving up to 20 percent in energy. The R7s halogen bulb is used in outdoor floodlights, up lights and display lamps for landscaping. This model of bulb has a round cylinder in the middle with two metal ends or connectors that make contact with the bulb holder's negative and positive wires to illuminate the bulb. They are relatively easy to replace.

  1. Let the light bulb cool for about 15 minutes if it was just illuminated.

  2. Put on the gloves. Place a ladder near the light fixture if needed to reach the fixture.

  3. Unscrew any screws holding the light fixture closed and remove them. Swing the door to the light fixture open.

  4. Remove the old bulb and insert a new halogen bulb into the holder, pressing both metallic ends into the metallic contacts on each end of the holder.

  5. Close the fixture door, replace the screws and tighten them.