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How to Troubleshoot a Panasonic 1200 Genius Microwave

Kittie McCoy

Microwave ovens should make your life easier by thawing, cooking or reheating food, but a malfunctioning microwave isn't much help. Although you may not have the ability or tools to repair your microwave, many issues only require a simple fix such as shutting the door or using a different electrical outlet.

If your Panasonic 1200 Genius microwave is being difficult, run through a quick checklist of common problems with this model.

  1. Remove the electrical plug from the outlet if the microwave will not turn on. Wait 10 seconds, and then plug it back in to see whether this fixes the problem.

  2. Plug another electrical device such as a clock or a toaster into the outlet if your microwave will still not turn on. If the other device also does not work, the outlet may be malfunctioning.

  3. Close the microwave door completely before you attempt to cook anything. The microwave will not begin cooking if the door is open.

  4. Remember to press the start button after you program the microwave. If you forget to press the start button, the microwave will not begin cooking.

  5. Remove the glass tray and ring from the inside of your microwave if you notice it wobbling or making noise while you cook. You can clean these items with warm soapy water to remove any food or grease that might be causing the issue. Rinse and dry these parts, and return them to the microwave when they are clean.

  6. Look at the display panel for the word "LOCK" if your Panasonic microwave will not function. If this word is displayed, the child safety lock has been activated. Press the function button, and then press the 5 on the numerical pad to open the child lock menu. Push 2 on the numerical pad to turn off this feature.