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How to Troubleshoot a GE Spacemaker XL 1400

Chad Buleen

GE Spacemaker XL 1400 microwave ovens are designed to take up only a minimal amount of space but still offer a significant amount of room inside the microwave for cooking and heating food. Among other features, these microwaves have auto defrost settings, humidity sensors and other custom settings.

If something doesn't appear to be working properly with your Spacemaker XL microwave oven, there are a few things you can do to diagnose the problems and remedy them.

  1. Unplug the GE Spacemaker XL 1400, then plug it back in if it does not start. This supplies power back to the oven after a power surge.

  2. Open the microwave oven's door and firmly close it if the oven does not start. The Spacemaker does not operate unless the door is completely closed.

  3. Check the breaker box to make sure the switch associated with your microwave oven is not flipped to the "Off" position. If it is, flip it over to the "On" position.

  4. Press and hold the "Clear/Off" button on the microwave's front panel if the "Locked" message appears on the display. Unlocking the microwave allows you to freely use all the buttons on the front panel.

  5. Add more time to the cook time if the "Sensor Error" message appears on the display. This message means no steam was sensed before the end of the cooking cycle.

  6. Do nothing if the bottom of the Spacesaver XL 1400 is warm, even if it has not been recently used. This heat stems from the cooktop light located at the bottom of the microwave, not from the interior. This heat is normal.