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How to Troubleshoot an Oster Bread Machine

David Clair

Oster Bread machines are designed to prepare and bake loaves of bread with less work for the user than traditional bread baking requires. Because there are many different aspects of this bread machine, there are various things that can go wrong from time to time. The troubleshooting process will help you isolate the cause of the problem and provide a solution in many cases.

  1. Hold down the "Start/Stop" button for at least three seconds if the power goes out while the machine is turned on. Unplug the bread machine and plug it back in if the display does not come on.

  2. Allow the bread machine to return to room temperature before using it if the display shows "E00" or "E01." These codes indicate the temperature is too high or too low.

  3. Stop the breadmaker if smoke emanates from the machine. This is caused by ingredients spilling out of the bread pan. Clean the breadmaker after it cools off before using it again.

  4. Remove and replace the baking pan and kneading blade if the dough does not mix. Re-seating these parts helps to ensure that they are correctly installed.