How to Fix the Control Switch on a Hotpoint Washing Machine

Christie Gross

A faulty control switch or cycle selector knob on a Hotpoint washing machine can make it difficult to select a proper washing cycle to run a wash load. If the switch is loose or broken, you may not be able to use your washer at all.

Depending on how badly damaged the switch is, you may be able to fix it yourself without having to contact a washer repair technician. However, you won’t know for sure what type of repair is required until you investigate the issue further.

Electrical Outage

Electricity powers a Hotpoint washing machine’s control switch. If a washing machine isn’t plugged in or its power cord is damaged, the control switch won’t operate properly. Although you might be able to turn it, the washer won’t turn on when you pull the switch toward you as it should. Inspect the washer’s electrical connection to verify that the washer is receiving power. In addition to confirming that the power cord is in good condition and plugged into the electrical outlet, ensure that the washing machine circuit breaker is in the “On” position. Reset the breaker if needed.

Loose Knob

Sometimes a Hotpoint washing machine’s control switch can become loose over time with regular use of your washing machine. As long as the switch’s plastic or metal shaft that attaches the knob portion to the washer’s control panel isn’t broken, you should be able to tighten the knob. Press the knob firmly in toward the control panel and turn it clockwise until you can’t tighten it further. If you feel no change in the knob’s positioning after turning it one or two complete revolutions, the shaft is probably broken and the entire switch will need to be replaced.

Damaged or Disconnected Wire

There are several wires behind the control switch that send signals to certain washing machine components to initiate once you select a washing cycle with the switch and use it to turn on your washer. If a wire gets wet or becomes damaged, the appropriate signal never reaches the right component and the washer might fail to operate the cycle that the switch is set to run. While you can test the continuity of the switch with an ohm multimeter device that measures electrical voltages, it’s probably best to contact a washer repair technician to perform a diagnostic test of the switch for you. The technician might be able to repair or replace the defective wire without having to change out the entire switch.

Control Switch Won't Advance

On occasion, a control switch on a Hotpoint washing machine won’t advance through a complete washing cycle if the water temperature isn’t correct. No matter what water temperature of a washing cycle you select for washing, a washer will almost always rinse clothes in cold water. However, if the cold water supply valve is turned off or the hose is kinked, cold water won’t fill the washtub, and the switch may not advance to the final spin phase of the washer. Check to make sure that the cold water valve is open. Turn the valve’s knob clockwise to open it. Confirm that the hose isn’t damaged. Repair Clinic states that the water supply hoses that come with newer washing machines usually only last about 5 years before they need to be replaced.