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Troubleshooting a Vita Spa

Jared Paventi
Table of Contents

Vita Spa hot tubs require regular maintenance, including chemical treatment and balancing and periodic water replacement. The Vita Spa will present errors or issues with operation through diagnostic codes on the display.

Diagnosing a Vita Spa issue

HS-# or LS-# errors

When the Vita Spa displays a HS or LS error followed by a number 1 or 2, there is an electrical issue related to the tub. First check the internal fuse panel near the spa motor. This can be found behind the motor panel, which is located in different places on each tub. If the fuses are okay, then the electrical relay is stuck. Shut the power to the spa from the circuit breaker and let it sit for 10 minutes to reset the internal computer. Then, return power to the spa. This should reset the system. If that does not work, then the spa's control board may need replacement. Contact Vita Spa directly to find an approved technician. Trying to do it yourself may void the spa's warranty.

SS or LS errors

When the spa displays an LS or SS error, there is a short in the water sensor. Typically, this can be remedied by reconnecting or reseating the water sensor. If that does not remedy the issue, professional service is needed, as the control board may be damaged.

H1 or H2 issues

These refer to problems with the heater and the power going to it. Start by checking the heater connections and ensuring that the electrical lines leading to the heater are connected. Using an electrical meter, check that the voltage and amperage going to the heater are sufficient for that model of spa (exact specifications are listed in the owner's manual). If the problem persists, the heater's electrical relay is likely stuck open. Reset the power at the circuit breaker to clear the internal memory of the spa.

O3, O3S or O3U Errors

Anytime O3 appears in an error, it is related to ozone. O3S errors relate to the ozone sensor. O3U errors deal with the ozonator. O3 means both are malfunctioning. These errors are signals that the corresponding part needs to be replaced.