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How to Reset an Auto Air Conditioner

Breann Kanobi

Automatic air conditioners, such as those installed in a house or apartment, use temperature sensors to determine when they must turn on and off to properly cool a room.

Resetting air conditioning units is simple, and doing so might solve many air conditioning problems such as failure to cool properly or improper temperature sensing. If you continue to experience problems, call a technician or contact the company that installed your air conditioner.

  1. Press the air conditioning's power button to turn it off.

  2. Open the fuse box for your house. Flip the switch that controls the air conditioning unit. If you are unsure of which switch controls the unit, do not attempt this process.

  3. Unplug the air conditioner from the electrical outlet. Wait about two minutes, then plug the air conditioner back into the electrical outlet.

  4. Flip the fuse that controls the air conditioner back to the on position.

  5. Press the power button on the air conditioner to turn it on. Move the switch to "auto" and turn the temperature dial to the desired temperature.


Fuse boxes are typically located in a backyard or basement. Clear the space around your home's vents to help your air conditioner run properly.