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What the Code F31 Means on a Kenmore Stove

Alan Donahue

Kenmore stoves are produced and sold by Sears, but the Kenmore name also is used on other manufacturers' appliances such as Whirlpool and Frigidaire. This makes finding the fault code definition hard for specific Kenmore errors. The F31 can mean multiple things and could require replacement parts or service for your stove.


When analyzing the error code, it could display in numerous ways that all mean the same thing. Look on your stove for "F3," "F31" or "F3 E1."

Sensor Error

The oven sensor may set off the F31 error. This indicates that the sensor is reading the temperature as too hot. In the majority of cases, the temperature is fine, but the sensor itself has malfunctioned. Use your stove model number to find a replacement oven sensor to repair the problem.

Electrical Reset

F31 could mean that your oven is not receiving enough electrical voltage. This is usually a plug issue and a simple "reboot" of the oven will get the error removed. Shut off all oven functions and unplug the outlet from the wall. Wait 30 minutes for the electrical cycle to recharge and then plug the oven back in. Use the stove and see if the error reappears. If it does not, then the stove is fixed.

Multiple Ovens

If your Kenmore Stove contains two oven compartments, the "1" part of the code stands for the upper-most oven sensor. Each oven has its own sensor, so only one of them has to be replaced. If the error blinks "F31" and "F32," then both oven sensors are faulty.