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How to Troubleshoot Clearwater Spas

Hot tubs are a great way to loosen up your muscles and unwind after a long hard day. They're also a lot of fun when friends and family visit. Clearwater Spa hot tubs are one of the most reliable brands on the market. However, problems do occur every now and then. It's important to perform basic maintenance regularly. The water must be changed regularly, and chlorine must be added to the water. You'll see an error code on the display if there's a problem with a Clearwater Spa.

  1. Look at the readout screen and see if there's an SS error. SS and LS errors are related to each other. If you see one of these, then there's a problem with the sensor that deals with water. Check the cables going to the water sensor to make sure they're hooked up correctly. If that doesn't work, you might need to replace the water sensor unit.

  2. Check the readout screen of the spa to see if there's an O3 error. Ozone specifically causes 03 errors. When the sensor is causing the error, then the 03S message is displayed. If the problem is caused by the ozonator, then 03U is displayed. Just a plain 03 means that both the sensor and the ozonator need repair work.

  3. Glimpse at the screen again to see if there's an H error. The most common types are H1 and H2. If you see one of these error codes, it means that there's something unusual going on with the heater. Be sure to look if all of the wires are connected to the heater. If so, then try powering off the machine for 15 minutes and then restoring the power. This clears the heater memory and might fix the problem.

  4. Check the fuse box near the motor of the spa if you see an LS error message on the display screen. HS is a similar error. This means that there's some sort of issue related to the electrical system of the spa. If none of the fuses blew out, then check the electrical relay. Disconnect the power going to the Clearwater Spa and let it sit for 15 minutes without power to reset the internal circuitry. Now re-power the unit. At this point, the internal computer should reset.