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What Does Code F3 on My GE Stove Top Mean?

Jamie Lisse

General Electric stoves typically have a control panel that displays the time and oven temperature, when in use. The display panel can also display error codes, when needed. A variety of GE error and fault codes can be displayed on the panel. When you encounter the F3 code on the screen, you can troubleshoot to determine if it is a serious problem.

Meaning of Code

When the stove has an error, it kicks out a code on the display panel that starts with an "F." For the F3 error code, this commonly means that oven sensor is bad. In most instances, it also means that the sensor needs replaced. However, this is not always true. In fact, you can do some troubleshooting first to determine if the oven really needs the sensor replaced.


The oven control panel has a “Clear/Off” button, which is normally used to cancel an oven setting. When an error code, such as the F3 code, appears on the control panel screen, it might just be a temporary glitch. To determine if this is the case, push and hold the “Clear/Off” button for two to five seconds. If the error code disappears, then it is just a glitch. If not, you can continue troubleshooting.

Power Cycle

In some instances, an error code like the F3 code can appear when the unit needs a power cycle. If this is the problem, then you do not need to have the oven sensor replaced. Try giving the unit a power cycle to determine if that is the problem. Simply disconnect the power to the stove for 30 full seconds. Once that period is up, restore the power. If the code is gone, it was just a glitch.

Service Technician

If you have tried to clear the error code and power cycle the unit, the F3 error code might still be visible on the control panel screen. When you encounter this, it means that the stove needs serviced by a qualified GE stove technician. You can schedule a service appointment with GE by calling 800-432-2737.