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How to Fix Beeping on a Maytag Gemini Range

Kefa Olang

Maytag Gemini ranges, both electric and gas, are freestanding, self-cleaning appliances with several features, such as electronic touch oven controls and five cook top burners. When a Maytag Gemini Range runs into problems, it displays an error code on its screen. An error code accompanied by frequent beeping sounds may mean anything, from an open oven door to a power problem. Before calling an authorized dealer or a technician, a few troubleshooting guidelines may fix the beeping.

Step 1

Check the display on your Maytag Gemini range if you hear a beeping sound. Your oven will usually start beeping when an "F," plus a number and message fault code, appears on the display.

Step 2

Press the "CANCEL" button to get rid of the beeping sound and clear the fault code.

Step 3

Disconnect your Maytag Gemini range from its power outlet if it's still beeping. Wait a few minutes then reconnect it.

Step 4

Contact an authorized dealer or a qualified technician if the fault code and beeps still continue.