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How to Troubleshoot a GE Stove

Jamie Lisse

General Electric stoves are available in a wide variety of models. Some of the stoves feature coil burners while others have a smooth ceramic cooktop. Regardless of the specific model GE stove you have in your home, if you troubleshoot problems you might be able to save yourself the cost of a service technician.

  1. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse if your stove won't come on; the problem could be a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. This also could be the problem if the oven's display won't come on. If the burners won't work, make sure you have selected the right control knob and check to makes sure the burners are tightly connected on an electric range with coil burners.

  2. Use cookware that is flat and matches the burner in size if you are having problems with food cooking properly or fast enough. Cookware issues also can also cause a burner to cycle on and off repeatedly.

  3. Contact a local electrician if your stove displays the error code "bAd" and "linE." An audible tone also will sound. This error code signals an electrical wiring problem.

  4. Lock the oven door before starting the self-cleaning cycle if you are having problems using this feature. The cycle will not start if the oven is warm, so let it cool down before starting the cycle.

  5. Turn your oven temperature knob to "Off" if the oven starts a self-cleaning cycle or the self-clean light is blinking while you try to bake. Once it is turned off, you can unlock the door and regain access to the oven for baking. Typically the oven will not unlock if it is too hot, so wait until it cools.