How to Adjust a Jenn-Air Oven Thermostat

Chad Buleen

The thermostat on a Jenn-Air oven determines the temperature at which your food will cook. If you find that your oven is actually cooking at a temperature that is different from what your thermostat is reading, you can adjust the thermostat to a higher or lower temperature so that it is accurate.

Adjusting the thermostat does not require you to know how to make mechanical changes to the appliance.

  1. Press "Setup Menu" on the oven's front panel.

  2. Touch "Temperature Calibration."

  3. Touch "Right Oven" or "Left Oven" (if necessary).

  4. Press "Next."

  5. Press the "-1" button if the oven is too hot. Press the "+1" button if the thermostat is registering a temperature that is not warm enough. You can adjust the thermostat as many as +35 or -35 degrees.

  6. Press "Save."