How to Reset a Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

Want to learn how to reset the pilot light inside your water heater?

No hot water?

Interested in learning the safe way to get the hot water flowing again?

Searching online for ways to get the pilot light on without hring a professional?

This eHow article will teach you step-by-step instructions for lighting the pilot light in the water heater.

  1. Check the water temperature

  2. Turn on the hot water in the shower or sink and place your hand in the water. Is the water very cold? Run the water for about 60 seconds. If the water is still cold, your pilot light may be out. Run the water a little longer if your house is more than 10 years old.

  3. Read the water heater manual

  4. Search for the owner's manual for your water heater. Read the manual to find out where the pilot light is located. If you cannot find the manual, check the water heater for a telephone number. Write down the model and serial number and see if you can find the company's website. Also find out if your gas water heater is still under warranty.

  5. Find the water heater in your house

  6. Climb into the attic or go into the garage to locate your water heater. Read the instructions on the water heater before you do anything. Smell for gas in the vicinity of the gas water heater. Tell everyone in the house that you are working on the gas water heater.

  7. Find the temperature control dial

  8. Turn the temperature of the water to the lowest level. Now turn the dial for the pilot light to the off position. Wait 10 minutes and then smell again for gas. If you smell gas, do not attempt to the light the pilot light. Call your local gas company for service. If you do not smell any gas, proceed to the next step.

  9. Reset the pilot light

  10. Turn the dial to the pilot position. There should be a button to release the gas. Usually this is a red button or a button with a fire logo or image. Push the button until it clicks. Now push the igniter switch while holding down the button. You should hear another clicking sound. Do this several times and the pilot should relight. Wait for one mintue while holding the red button and then release it and the light should stay on. If the light goes out, try it again. After 3 tries, if the light still goes out then your gas water heater may need professional service.

  11. Check the water temperature

  12. Turn the dial to the ON position and reset the temperature to a WARM setting. Check the water in the shower after one hour. The water should be warm, but not too hot. Reset the temperature dial to meet your warm/hot water needs. Check the pilot light periodically to make sure it is lit.