How to Troubleshoot a 90 Bryant Plus

Charles Poole

The Bryant Plus 90 is a gas furnace found in residential homes. This furnace offers a 10-year warranty, pilot free ignition and a high efficiency air filter. The Bryant Plus 90 also has a condensation humidifier that collects the moisture from the burned gasses inside the system.

The humidifier also disposes of any moisture out of the home drainage system. You can troubleshoot common problems with your 90, but leave major repairs to experienced technicians.

  1. Turn the thermostat to 5 degrees higher than the ambient air temperature in your home. This should kick the furnace on.

  2. Go to the breaker box in your home if the furnace does not turn on. Turn the breaker to the “On” position if it has tripped.

  3. Locate the gas valve on the back of your furnace. Turn the gas valve to the “Off” position and then smell the valve for gas after about 5 minutes. If you smell gas coming from the valve, contact your gas company immediately.

  4. Remove the screws holding the service door on the furnace with a screwdriver. Remove the filter from the furnace and look it over for dust or dirt. Replace the filter if it is really dirty or if you find any breaks in the material.

  5. Sweep up any debris or dust that you find around the bottom of the furnace. Use a wet rag to clean the grills and vents around the furnace to keep the furnace working properly.

  6. Look over the ventilation to the furnace. Remove any boxes or obstructions that may be constricting the ventilation to the furnace.